Thanks to Dorothy Dahlenberg, for her donation has made it possible for us to ship 140 pieces of infant clothing and receiving blankets to St. Theresa's Clinique, Guinaudee, in the NW mountains of Haiti, where newborns will no longer go home naked. March 29, 2007. Dorothy also helped us in October, 2007 with another shipment to a Navajo mission in NM. 

Most of the baby and toddler clothes we have collected were donated or purchased from Treasures, and Treasures Too, Strengthen Our Sisters thrift stores in West Milford and Oakland, NJ. 

Networking through New World Villages, an organization dedicated to helping villages in Belize has introduced us to Cross International a Christian humanitarian organization shipping needed items such as clothes and books to the poorest of the poor worldwide. 

Elaine of New World Villages helped us coordinate our shipments to St. Bonaventure Indian Mission & School in New Mexico.

Thanks to Reverand Ann Benedetto, for her generous donation allowing another shipment of clothing to be sent to Haiti.
November, 2007

All suggestions, ideas, help, etc. please send.

Karin A. Westdyk